Black & White

When I was studying photography I was taught that if the colour in an image does not help to tell a story then it should be shot in black and white. I took this advice to heart and for many years monochrome photos dominated my portfolio. More recently I have embraced the rich colours that mother nature so generously provides but I still strongly believe that black and white images have their place. I use black and white photography as a medium to create images that imbue a sense of importance, that tell a story and that look damn good hanging on a wall.
  • Black and white elephant calf running
  • Black and white, baby elephants play
  • Black and white, lioness in grassland
  • Black and white, elephants walk towards camera
  • Male lion in pouring rain
  • Black and white, zebras drinking
  • Black and white, old male giraffe
  • Black and white leopard on mound
  • Lions attacking a buffalo
  • Herd of elephants at a waterhole
  • Black and white elephant herd walking
  • Black and white hyena looks down, low angle
  • Mud flies from an elephants trunk
  • An elephant calf stands on its trunk
  • Black and white leopard running
  • Elephant calf runs in dust
  • Black and white hyena silhouette