We each have our own unique interpretation of the world that surrounds us and as a photographer I aim to communicate that interpretation through my photographs. As a result the images in this collection may not be for everyone but for me, personally, they imbue the essence of the subject or scene rather simply document it. For the most part they are unconventional and strive to be artistic representations of my interpretation of the natural world.
  • Black and white elephant skin
  • A wildebeest running
  • Hamerkop bird with reflection
  • Wild dogs run through water, blurred
  • Elephant calf tries to keep up with its mother
  • Black and white drops fall from the hair on an elephants chin
  • Elephants reflected inside a waterdrop on an elephants chin
  • Water drops fall from the hair on an elephants chin
  • A giraffe photographed from below and inverted
  • A lioness blurry behind grass
  • Red billed queleas flying in large numbers