Wild Behaviour

I believe that most behaviour in the wild is instinctive by nature. There is room for individual characters to emerge and have their own unique traits but these are often the result of particular environmental conditions to which the animal has adapted to survive. The images in this collection focus on these instinctive behaviours, each providing a window into the world and character of the subject.
  • A leopard with a bushbuck in its mouth
  • A leopard with an impala kill
  • Two lions play on an open plain
  • A lion attacks a baby giraffe
  • Female hippo looks at baby
  • A hippo yawns in water showing its teeth
  • 4 white fronted bee eater on a perch
  • A white fronted bee eater lands with a bee in its beak
  • Young cheetahs play in golden light
  • An oxpecker flies below an elands chin
  • Leopard climbs down a tree at night
  • Lion chases jackals from kill