Wild Portraits

Lying at the core of wildlife photography are wildlife portraits. There is where it all started, at first simply documenting what animals looked like in a matter of fact fashion, but eventually evolving into an art form where the aim is for the character of the subject to shine through. The images in this collection were taken to do just that.
  • A leopard cub obscured by leaves
  • A leopard cub lying on a rock
  • An elephant calf drinks
  • 3 lions and 2 cubs on a grassy plain
  • A cute leopard cubs looks interested in something
  • A woodlands kingfisher perched with wings open
  • A cheetah against a blue background
  • A red billed oxpecker between the horns of an eland
  • A leopard cub in a tree looks into the camera
  • A hyena feeds on an elephant foot
  • A Natal Francolin looks at the camera
  • A shoebill stork against a blue sky
  • Lioness looking into the distance
  • A cheetah with a tracking collar
  • Male lion in the rain
  • A chameleon looks at the camera
  • Chameleon shedding skin
  • A leopard stalking under a bush