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Client Feedback

  • Caron Steele, UK
    "Thank you very much for a great trip. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Mashatu and Mike was an excellent guide. I have been on many photography trips and Mike is possibly one of the best guides I have had. He was helpful, kind and courteous and always put his customers first so thank you very much Mike."
    Caron Steele, UK
  • Patricia Pomerleau, USA
    "My safari was amazing and, as usual, Mike was the best.    He is such a wonderful person to spend time with and so attentive to client’s needs."
    Patricia Pomerleau, USA
  • Jeffrey Reasol, USA
    "Mike Dexter was a great host and photo tour leader.  He was there with us all the time in making our wildlife photo tour experience in Madikwe as fantastic and productive it can be. He has an eye in creating a great photo when presented with an opportunity to a wildlife encounter; be it in low light, harsh light or beautifully well lit encounter. He actively directed and taught us how to approach and photograph the animal to create a story and a memorable photo as well.  He made sure that we are all well positioned to get the best  photo opportunity. I have created photos that I haven't had before and I am happy with what I captured. As much as Mike is a great wildlife photographer/photo tour leader with vast knowledge of his field, he is also a great and kind person, very personable, level headed and humble man. It was a pleasure and privilege to be on this tour with him."
    Jeffrey Reasol, USA
  • Shravan Rao, Australia
    "The photo safari organised by ORYX to Mashatu, Botswana, included a scheduled tour with Mike Dexter and a private extension. Mike is an excellent wildlife photographer with significant experience in wildlife behaviour. He always pointed out photo composition opportunities and camera settings at every sighting, which made it so easy to get great photos. He shared his photographs back at the camp, and how he edited them in Lightroom; these opened me to possibilities to consider on the next drive or hide session. The hide sessions were exceptional with huge herds of elephants, the giraffes, elands, impalas, warthogs, squirrels and several birds. Mike, having originally built the Mashatu hide, again pointed out compositions as they unfolded. It was an exceptional photo trip with several great images to show. It was a trip I wish never ended because of Mike and Nicolette's fantastic support to making this so good in terms of overall experience and the great photos they helped me get."
    Shravan Rao, Australia
  • Michael Opton, UK
    "I met Mike in Tanzania. Within 20 minutes he helped me understand how to use my Canon camera to best advantage. During the rest of my African trip I was able to take better pictures than ever before. Not only that he spend 30 minutes with me and helped me understand Light Room better than I had before. He is a natural teacher and coach."
    Michael Opton, UK
  • Dr Timothy Schacker, USA
    "It was an excellent trip and I thought Mike was fantastic. He managed the details really well and there was no problem. It was especially helpful that he is not only an outstanding photographer and teacher, he also was a guide for many years. In fact, at Mala Mala I am convinced we did as well as we did because he worked there, knew some of the staff and had a really excellent knowledge of the area and where to go. I will want to work with mike again."
    Dr Timothy Schacker, USA
  • Veronica & Barry Winterbourn, Australia
    "We were lucky enough to have Mike Dexter as a guide during our recent photo tour to Mashatu. During the five days we were with Mike he shared his great knowledge of animal behaviour and the environment. It was a pleasure to work with someone who understands photographers and who instinctively knows the best place to position the vehicle. He was incredibly patient and was never in a rush to move on or to take his own photographs even when there were incredible sightings. Mike was very generous with his knowledge and if you had a query on anything that he was unsure of, he made sure he found the answer. For us Mike is the best guide we have encountered in several trips to Africa. Knowledgeable, interesting and a really nice guy to spend hours with. Barry and I would have no hesitation in recommending Mike for any guiding experiences."
    Veronica & Barry Winterbourn, Australia
  • Ronak Thakrar, UK
    “This was an amazing experience from start to finish. Mike provided some vital guidance prior to our trip, assisting me in buying the right equipment and correct setting for our first photographic safari. Mike is an excellent wildlife photographer, working well with the guides to ensure we had the best spot for photographs. Not only did we return with some amazing pictures we also learnt a lot about safari photography and post-processing in lightroom. I can’t recommend Mike highly enough!”
    Ronak Thakrar, UK
  • Dr Timothy Schacker, USA
    “I had a truly outstanding experience with Mike. We spent a lot of time talking about technique, equipment and critiquing photos. He obviously has a wealth of experience in wildlife photography and does a great job sharing that with his clients. I would highly recommend him!”
    Dr Timothy Schacker, USA