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Interior photography is an art form in itself. Every space is like a canvas and, if you know how to wield it, light is the photographer’s brush. Mike uses advanced lighting techniques in conjunction with post processing skills that he has mastered over the last 10 years to create images that draw attention to the key architectural and design elements of a space, highlighting that which makes a property unique. Mike and his wife Alienor work together on shoots, having spent years honing their craft as a lodge and hotel photography team. While Mike tackles the technical aspects of the shoot Alienor uses her meticulous eye for detail to set and stage every single scene in accordance with the client’s brief. It is this intuitive teamwork coupled with their joint experience and creativity that truly separates them from the rest of the field.


Photographing the exterior of a hotel, lodge or architectural project is an exercise not only in creativity and technique but also in planning and preparation. To produce exterior images that are worthy of being centre stage signature shots takes time. A single photograph can take over an hour to capture as multiple exposures and complex lighting merge with ambient conditions to create an image that is eye-catching, true to form and that accentuates the distinguishing features that separate one property from the next. Mike and Alienor scope out the scene well beforehand, taking into account the ambient light at different times of day. In some cases an entire shoot is structured around the timing of one or two important signature shots. Their professional, experienced approach sets them up to be at the right place at the right time to take advantage of the conditions that show off a property in the best possible light.


If cuisine is a feature of your product you need realistic yet tantalising food photography to bring it to life. A dish is a canvas and your chef is the artist, Mike’s images will do her or his work justice and bring it to the table for your potential patrons. Food photography does one of two things; it helps you or it hurts you and Mike produces images of cuisine that help time and again. Moving into food photography was not a seamless transition. It’s a challenging field with its own set of rules and technical difficulties making the learning curve a steep one but learn he did, the evidence of which is in the quality of work that he produces today.

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