All of the photographs below are available to purchase as limited edition prints. This means that if you order a print it will be one of only fifteen that will ever be printed. The cost of a print depends on its size and the paper type and assistance and advice will be provided in making your choice. Canvas or high quality fine art paper is recommended. Your print will be rolled up, securely packaged and shipped to your door. If you'd like to discuss costs and order a print you can email
  • Silhouette and reflection of two wildebeest
  • Silhouette of kudu with water drop falling from mouth
  • Silhouette of a giraffe
  • Sunrise over antelope, birds and water
  • Silhouette of elephant trunk with water drop
  • Giraffe silhouette against super moon
  • Silhouette of elephant against blue sky
  • Two elephants silhouetted against a blue sky
  • Silhouette of elephant against orange sky